Welcome to the Networld support site. This site is used as a means to trouble shoot Internet connections  for our users. Should you not be able to solve your problem here, our support team is standing by to give you fast, efficient help.

We have telephone technical support on 021 418-7706, SMS on 072 988-1585 and our support team will be working from 8am - 5pm (weekdays) and 10am - 4pm on weekends

Modem telephone numbers (SA National access):
0860SAIX(56K V.90) ....E-mail and full Internet access

For SAIX PoP modem numbers, click here


Trouble Shooting Guide

Step 1. Check your Modem is on and functional ( I know this sounds daft but stranger things have happened )

Step 2. Ensure your telephone is plugged in and that any prefixes you need to use your exchange ( eg. dial 0 to dial out ) have been added.

Step 3. Check your TCP/IP settings.

Step 4. If mail related, reinstall your mail details. If you are not using our software ( ie Eudora ) try install our software, to see if it works. If it does, then the problem is with your software. ( We can help you with any software but there are roughly 600 net packages available and those are not even counting odd bits of shareware. So please be as clear as possible if you call in, and always give us the Error message)

Step 5. Check your settings. We supply all the settings you need to get the software we provide working. If you are dialing up and you want to make sure you are connected, type "ping www.new.co.za" in a DOS prompt window. If it replies, you are connected and the problem is software/setting related.

Step 6. If you still have no luck, please call our support team, we are happy to help.


Tel - Sales , Services and Support : ( 021 ) 419 4430
Sharecall - Support  : ( 0860 911 912 )
E -Mail : support@new.co.za


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