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Every day, our users log on, and usually start their "surfing" with viewing all their favourite sites. What often happens is that their "favourite" sites are often very popular with the rest of our dial-in users. Now what squid does is go fetch a copy of the regularly visited sites with our bandwidth. This means that you don't have to worry about traffic or peak hours since you get it straight from us. So the next time you request the newest update of your favourite Internet software suite, the chances are that it is already here. This copying of information for repeated use is called cacheing and it is stored in what is called a Cache ( which is just a file on the hard drive ). The machine hosting the cache file and monitoring the sites to see if they must be cached, is called a proxy. Our proxy works on FTP, gopher and web browsing. Most of the browsers support proxy, so choose the browser you use below, and try it out, it will make your stay quicker, more efficient, and save you your phone bill.

Choose the browser that you prefer, and follow the instructions. 
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