The latest new news at

Our tucows mirror won the ananzi top download award (AGAIN!)

We have local call technical support ( 0860 911 912 ) and our support team will be working from 7am - 12pm 7 days a week. This service will be available shortly. What can we say, we are here to serve...

We will be commissioning our 56k Lines this month as well as our new ISDN channels. Look out for a whole new level of blistering speeds.

Projects @ Networld
The Networld CD pack has gone into Development. Currently we are reviewing a 2 CD pack with both the best software on the net as well as multi platform connection software. ( MAC , UNIX , LINUX , WINDOWS 95 , NT and 3.x )

The Quake server is in the planning stage. Three servers in total will be put up. And there is a rumour going around about an IRC server ( Shhh... I didn't tell you that )

And of course this our new look web page. Which will have a great deal of work done on it over the next few months, so watch this space...